Do you have a showroom where i can view the cabinets?

Our business model is designed to provide you with optimum service, fast lead times, and extreme cost savings. We do have two showroom locations (Sparta and Cookeville TN). But most will be too far to drive: that is why we have so many options online such as our gallery, free door sample program and customer testimonials which will instill confidence in your purchase decision.

Do your Products have a Warranty?

Yes! All of our products have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that cover manufacturers defects in material to the original purchaser as long as they own their home. The product must be used for residential purposes only-not commercial. Proof of Purchase is required on all warranty claims.

Holmans Cabinets RTA will determine if the product is repairable or replaceable at the time the claim is made. The warranty will not include any costs associated with the removal of and or replacement of the product.

Natural woods vary in color and will change in color over time. Cabinetry may lighten or darken due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, household cleaners, smoke etc.

Wood joints may expand and contract with the change in seasons as well as moisture. These are considered natural changes and not defects.

Do you sell unfinished cabinets?


Are your cabinet assembled or unassembled (RTA, Ready to Assemble)?

All cabinets are unassembled. We can make arrangements for assembled cabinets but due to the extra space they take up shipping can increase significantly. Please call us for more information.

Does your cabinets contain any particle board or presswood?

No,none of our cabinets have any particle board or presswood!